Gold Status

For Employees and Guests of Member Organizations

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Gold Rewards

Richest Guest Rewards Program

Club Quarters members automatically receive Gold Status benefits.  Employees and other guests of member organizations may also elect to enroll in Gold Rewards, offering awards worth up to $125 value after just two stays.

Automatic Gold Status Benefits
for employees, family, friends and guests of member organizations

  • Subsidized rates on weekends/holidays, from $65/£69
  • Complimentary early arrival/low cost late check out
  • Club Living Room with complimentary refreshments
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Complimentary chilled, purified bottled water

Enroll Instantly in Gold Rewards
Earn a point for every qualifying stay and redeem for rich rewards, including:

  • “Night on the House” certificate or One Room Suite Upgrade after 2 stays
  • Gift cards to leading retailers in as few as 3 stays